It’s pronounced Sp-fee-bo.

Actually, it’s not.

It’s the SPFBO, or Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, and I’m pleased to say that The Blood-Tainted Winter is taking part!

Last year, author Mark Lawrence dreamed a dream about a contest that could help bring attention to some quality, self-published books. And then he recruited 10 well-known and respected book bloggers/reviewers and made it happen.

You can read more about last year’s contest (which actually just wrapped up at the end of February) here. Basically, the 250+ entries were divided among these 10 bloggers, who then read their submissions as an agent would, ultimately selecting one to be put through to a final round. The finalists were then read and scored by all 10 bloggers and a winner was crowned!

Mark launched Round 2 at the beginning of April and I was Johnny-on-the-spot with my submission. 10 bloggers have signed on (some repeats, some fresh blood) and, as submissions close at the end of the month, things will kick off soon! Catch up on this year’s contest here.

I’m very excited, nervous, trying not to be too hopeful–because, let’s be honest, there’s definitely luck involved when there are 280 submissions–and eager to see which blog will have my book in their batch.


GOOD LUCK to all authors! I can’t wait to see what this year’s contest has to offer.

THANK YOU to all bloggers! Your time and effort are so very, very appreciated.



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