In Midgard, the mythical Norse croppedworld of men, ravens watch with the eyes of the gods, skalds spin songs of heroes, and betrayal and deceit are as plentiful as the mead. 

Raef Skallagrim wants to take the sea road. His ship is fast and sleek, his crew skilled and eager, and they will seek out new lands and win fame in the eyes of the gods. But Raef’s father refuses to allow the journey and when a stranger brings word that the king is dead and a gathering has been called to choose a successor, Raef must set aside his dream for his duty to his ancestral lands and his father.

When factions split at the gathering to choose a successor, Raef finds himself mired in bloodshed and treachery. Forced to make an uneasy alliance with a man he does not trust, Raef must navigate the tides of a war among three kings while seeking revenge for cold-blooded murder.

But winter has come early to Midgard, and even the gods will feel the cold.

Praise for The Blood-Tainted Winter

The Blood-Tainted Winter has everything SFF readers could possibly want, and more. A Norse fantasy as epic as it is immersive, T. L. Greylock’s debut tells of feuds and friendships (and more feuds) amid legends of devils and deities that arise as organically from the evocative Scandinavian vistas as steam from a geyser….Raef’s tale evokes a vivid sense of place and time that thoroughly immerses the reader in a land of gods, battle and betrayal….a singularly kickass novel.” — Fantasy-Faction

“…a fast-paced, well-written Viking story that leaves you wanting more….plenty of action in this book for those of us bloodthirsty readers….rich, fully-realized Viking world with strong, believable characters….I highly recommend this book, and I’m off to get the next one!”

“The most powerful part of the book…is the characterization. Raef feels very realistic. He has to make some tough decisions, choosing between duty and taking revenge, and he really struggles with that.”

“I found myself completely spellbound through each chapter. Within every page there were smells, tastes, sights and sounds. The setting is depicted so vividly in the writing that you feel as if you are there in the villages, in the Great Halls, in the open wilds of Scandinavia.”

“Raef is unlike other protagonists and has very human qualities. He is neither portrayed as a superhero nor a bumbling fool, making him a more believable character.”

“…an atmospheric tale that envelops you like a heavy mist flowing out of the northern forests, its scents as enticing as they are ominous. You will not soon forget the characters.”

“With a satisfying ending that wrapped up the story and left so much room for more adventures….Action-packed and viking-tacular!”

The Blood-Tainted Winter (The Song of the Ash Tree, #1)Put me on your shelf!