Character Quiz!

Do you share Raef’s love for the wild places? Perhaps you possess the Hammerling’s ambitions? Or maybe you feel you could slip into Vakre’s skin? Discover your spirit-character from THE BLOOD-TAINTED WINTER with a quick, fun quiz! Character Quiz

You’ve Got Ravenmail

Like Vikings? Norse mythology? Fantasy? Curious about THE SONG OF THE ASH TREE but haven’t yet taken the plunge? Then you’re in luck because I’ve just gotten word (via raven, of course) that the Allfather has arranged a special promotion. This week only, THE BLOOD-TAINTED WINTER, the first book in the series, is only 99¢ for … More You’ve Got Ravenmail


It’s pronounced Sp-fee-bo. Actually, it’s not. It’s the SPFBO, or Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, and I’m pleased to say that The Blood-Tainted Winter is taking part!

The Second Edda

I learned it from men, | the men so old, Who dwell in the hills of home. Harbarthsljoth, Poetic Edda For some writers, book ideas come with a title tagging along, a happy puppy, if you will, inseparable from the story itself, accompanying it every step of the way. The story is a tennis ball … More The Second Edda