You’ve Got Ravenmail

Like Vikings? Norse mythology? Fantasy?

Curious about THE SONG OF THE ASH TREE but haven’t yet taken the plunge?

Then you’re in luck because I’ve just gotten word (via raven, of course) that the Allfather has arranged a special promotion.

This week only, THE BLOOD-TAINTED WINTER, the first book in the series, is only 99¢ for Kindle.

The Blood Tainted Winter - Ebook

Not convinced?

Check out what readers have had to say:*

  • “a fast-paced, well-written Viking story that leaves you wanting more….plenty of action in this book for those of us bloodthirsty readers….rich, fully-realized Viking world with strong, believable characters….I highly recommend this book, and I’m off to get the next one!”
  • “The most powerful part of the book, in my opinion, is the characterization. Raef feels very realistic. He has to make some tough decisions, choosing between duty and taking revenge, and he really struggles with that.”
  • “I found myself completely spellbound through each chapter. Within every page there were smells, tastes, sights and sounds. The setting is depicted so vividly in the writing that you feel as if you are there in the villages, in the Great Halls, in the open wilds of Scandinavia.”
  • “Raef is unlike other protagonists and has very human qualities. He is neither portrayed as a superhero nor a bumbling fool, making him a more believable character.”

Like what you hear? Then head on over to Amazon to take advantage of this offer and begin your journey into the nine realms of Norse mythology!

Remember, the Allfather is waiting for you.

*All review snippets taken from Goodreads.

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