Things I’ve Learned In London v 2.0

Hard to believe, but I’ve been living in London for just over six months now. (!!)

Back at the beginning of November, I had learned some things about living here. And I thought that six weeks had taught me a lot. I wasn’t wrong, exactly, but we’ve reached a different level now.

So, how have I been enlightened?    

  1. You CAN buy American-style bacon in the supermarkets. They call it streaky bacon, which is a surprisingly apt name.
  2. People hibernate during winter even in a relatively mild (yes, that’s right, mild, you wimpy Brits) place like London. I know I did.
  3. Speaking of weather, this is a windy city. Move over, Chicago.
  4. St. Patrick’s Day is very much an American thing. I saw nary a green painted face and I swear the bars were hunting the sidewalks for American accents to entice inside for their happy hour deals.
  5. Do not, EVER, EVER, go to the supermarket between 4:00 and 6:00 PM.
  6. If you want decent bananas that aren’t going to go from green straight to bruised, get to the store before 10:00 AM. I’m going to miss my window of opportunity while writing this post.
  7. Honestly, it doesn’t rain here that much. This is a myth, gleefully perpetuated.
  8. On the other hand, if you want to see the sun, make sure you’re up and about early. Have a lazy morning and there’s a good chance you’ll miss it.
  9. Practically everything @VeryBritishProblems says applies to me. And is hilarious.

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