12 Things I’ve Learned

I’ve been in London for nearly two months now.

This is what I’ve learned:     

  1. American peanut butter is infinitely superior to UK peanut butter.
  2. The whole walking on the right concept?  Nonexistent.
  3. Not everyone takes the tube everywhere all the time.  (I haven’t taken it once.)
  4. Londoners start wearing puffy coats in September.  And scarves.
  5. Don’t let the “original flavors” fool you.  Starbursts are not the same.
  6. Bus drivers like to live on the edge.  Don’t make them angry.  Especially if you’re biking.
  7. On that note, bicyclists in London are very brave.
  8. There is umbrella etiquette.  But not everyone follows it.
  9. Soured cream topping is a thing here.  Not sour cream.  Soured cream topping.  It doesn’t need to be refrigerated before you open it.  And it’s gross.
  10. Pea pods are mange tout.  Zucchini are courgettes.  An eggplant is an aubergine.  So basically the British rely on the French to name their vegetables.
  11. Cask ales are really a thing of beauty.  I mean, I knew that already, but, hello delicious!
  12. You know how everyone says their neighborhood pub is the best pub?  It’s true.  Long live The Lamb!

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