Best Book Tour Ever, Part 2

Yesterday, I took you on a journey through the first leg of the itinerary for my super-awesome imaginary book tour. We hit bookstores and longships and covered a whole bunch of ground across Europe.


Today we go to the New World.

But first, we have to make a special stop in a different kind of London:

1 flavorwire
Flourish & Blotts

Yep, we’re going to Flourish & Blotts in Diagon Alley. My books will be sold right alongside A History of Magic (Bagshot, Bathilda), Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Scamander, Newt), and Quidditch Through The Ages (Whisp, Kennilworthy). I’m told Miranda Goshawk is coming out with a new, definitive (and yet limited, go figure) edition of all seven volumes in her Standard Book of Spells series, so you won’t want to miss this stop.

With some chocolate frogs in our pockets, we’ll cross the Atlantic, whereupon our first stop will be in Boston:

2 buzzfeed
Brattle Book Shop, Boston

It will NOT rain. First guest to bring me a lobster roll gets a free book.

From Boston, we’ll go…well, I’m not exactly sure, but here:

3 boredpanda

We WILL find it. Because I want to sign books in a treehouse.

Next, we’ll dip south of the border for a quick stop in Mexico City.

4 flavorwire
Cafebreria El Pendulo, Mexico City

Books. Plants. Balconies. Tacos everywhere you look. What more could anyone want?

For our second to last stop, we’ll head back out into nature to spend some time with some ancient beings:

5 fine art america
Redwood National Forest fineartamerica

I really don’t think anyone has done a book signing amid the giant Redwoods, so obviously this has to happen.

And, last but certainly not least, our grand finale. You’ll be glad you stuck around for this one.

6 honestlywtf

Someone clever will rig up a cable system to shuttle books back and forth between baskets. And treats. And champagne. And Guinness–because, if you can believe it, I haven’t had a single Guinness on my book tour!

We’ll float around at sunset and the views will be magnificent, but you will all be too busy reading my book to notice. Sorry.

And that’s it! For this book, at least. We’ll do it again soon.

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