The Second Edda

I learned it from men, | the men so old, Who dwell in the hills of home. Harbarthsljoth, Poetic Edda For some writers, book ideas come with a title tagging along, a happy puppy, if you will, inseparable from the story itself, accompanying it every step of the way. The story is a tennis ball … More The Second Edda

My Characters Don’t Talk to Me–And I’m Okay With That

“My character told me he certainly did not want to go on a date with his intended love interest.”** “My protagonist decided she had a fear of space-walking zombie rabbits, despite the fact that she single-handedly eradicated the emperor’s face-eating hellhounds.”** “My supposedly loyal warrior waltzed into the scene and said, in no uncertain terms, that he would, in … More My Characters Don’t Talk to Me–And I’m Okay With That

On Writer’s Block

I’ve been asked a few times about writer’s block and recently expounded on my take on the subject on a Goodreads Ask the Author question.  I thought I’d pop over here to share those thoughts. How do you deal with writer’s block?