March Book Madness: Match #4

Welcome back to March Book Madness! Our fourth showdown is between two famous literary figures: a tempestuous, proud youth immortalized since ancient times and an enchanting villain immortalized as a piece of modern genius.

Who will move onto the Elite 8? Humbert Humbert or Achilles?

2 thoughts on “March Book Madness: Match #4

  1. Oh Jesus, this is a tough one. I listened to the audiobooks of both of these. On the one hand: Lolita is narrated by Jeremy Irons and it was glorious. On the other hand, The Song of Achilles is one of the most beautifully written stories I’ve ever heard…

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    1. Right? I was a bit worried about this pairing because not everyone can stomach Lolita. I was afraid people might dismiss it immediately. But I think it’s such an incredible display of writing–and contains my favorite parenthetical phrase of all time: (picnic, lightning).

      Of course, I loved The Song of Achilles, because Achilles and Troy and Greeks and all that bronze. By now you know my love of Homer….

      Also, Jeremy Irons narrating Lolita sounds amazing.

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