March Book Madness!

Those of you who know me know my interest level in basketball is about as low as the depths congressional Republicans are sinking to in an effort to cater to Trump. However, you also know I do like other sports (rather a lot) and I love books!

What better way to merge the two than with a friendly book bracket?

I’ve chosen 16 books across many genres and styles–books I loved, books that intrigued me, books that stand out in my mind–and I want YOU to pick a champion that will achieve ETERNAL GLORY.

Using a random number generator, I paired up the 16 lucky participants; then I used the generator to choose which pair would take the field/ice/court first.

Don’t worry if you haven’t read each book! Just choose which you think you would prefer!

And now…for our very first match up…

An inspiring true story faces off against an ancient Greek myth.

Who will win this classic match up of nonfiction vs. fiction??

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