Interview with Travis Peck

Travis Peck is a fellow Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off author; our books are being read by the same reviewer/blogger. I thought it’d be fun to reach out and shine some light on Travis, his writing, and his book, RAVINOR, which you can find on Amazon. (Read about the SPFBO here.)IMG_6591

So, first we need to exchange the secret History major handshake. Did you have a specific area of study?

Shh! Don’t give them any hints! We will exchange the rest of the ritualized greeting via our Enigma machines…

My thesis focused on medieval Japan, but I really find most time periods and world regions to be very interesting: Ancient Rome, the Golden Horde, Tsarist Russia, the World Wars, to name a few of my favorites.

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My Characters Don’t Talk to Me–And I’m Okay With That

“My character told me he certainly did not want to go on a date with his intended love interest.”**

“My protagonist decided she had a fear of space-walking zombie rabbits, despite the fact that she single-handedly eradicated the emperor’s face-eating hellhounds.”**

“My supposedly loyal warrior waltzed into the scene and said, in no uncertain terms, that he would, in fact, betray his oath–for the right price.”**

** These are statements invented by yours truly, not pulled from anyone else’s blog, tweet, or brain.

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Raef’s Music

I’ve debated writing about this for a while now.  I hesitated giving you access to something so intimately tied to the character I’ve been holding in my heart for nearly two years.  But I think it’s kind of fascinating because this is the only instance of this I’ve experienced while writing.

Remember when I wrote a post on the music I listen to while writing?  Specifically the music I listened to while writing the third book?  Immediately after I wrote that post, my writing playlist was overwhelmed by something new, something that took over during the final push to the end of the third book.  On the day I finished it, because I knew I was going to finish it, I selected eight specific pieces and listened to those exclusively as I wrote the last 3,000 words.

So what is this music that put its stamp on the soundtrack of book three?

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