The Second Edda

I learned it from men, | the men so old, Who dwell in the hills of home. Harbarthsljoth, Poetic Edda For some writers, book ideas come with a title tagging along, a happy puppy, if you will, inseparable from the story itself, accompanying it every step of the way. The story is a tennis ball … More The Second Edda

What’s in a Name? Or, how the book got a title.

If you watched the video I made for my Kickstarter campaign, you may recall that the title for this book, The Blood-Tainted Winter, has a history, a meaning.  But for the wider audience, I thought I’d share that here and give you another glimpse into the evolution of this story. Have you read Beowulf? I have. … More What’s in a Name? Or, how the book got a title.

What’s an Edda?

You ask a good question. You’ve seen it now on the cover: The Song of the Ash Tree — First Edda.  And maybe you’ve scratched your head. I’m here to help.     

So that happened.

I finished. In the past hour, I wrapped up my manuscript for Book Three. It’s pretty surreal.  I stopped typing and wondered if that was actually the end–even though I knew it was.  The voice inside my head was literally saying, “Is that it?  Is it?  Is it, really?  Really?” This is an awfully subdued … More So that happened.