Elite 8, Match 2

Today’s Elite 8 showdown is between two epics, one set in the age of Greek heroes and telling the story of The Iliad from a very human perspective, the other set in the American west and telling the story of those who sought to tame it.

Elite 8!

Eight valiant contenders continue their quests for victory! If the Sweet 16 taught us anything, clearly I have a thing for the ancient Mediterranean…and that hasn’t changed in the Elite 8. Let’s get this round started with a titanic match up between two pantheons.

On Xs and Ys (Chromosomes, That Is)

I’ve been reading a lot lately about writing and gender, specifically discussions about women writing genre fiction.  These discussions usually center around questions like: Do readers gravitate toward male writers of fantasy/sci-fi? Why are women continually left off Best Of lists despite often winning an equal share of annual fantasy/sci-fi awards? Are female authors taken less seriously? … More On Xs and Ys (Chromosomes, That Is)