Book Three Title Reveal!

It’s time to begin the march toward publication of the third and final installment in THE SONG OF THE ASH TREE trilogy!

To kick things off, I’m so excited to announce the title for this book. Like THE HILLS OF HOME, this title comes from the Poetic Edda, that great trove of stories from Norse mythology. And I love it. It evokes fate and chaos and all that heralds the twilight of the gods.

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Interview with Travis Peck

Travis Peck is a fellow Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off author; our books are being read by the same reviewer/blogger. I thought it’d be fun to reach out and shine some light on Travis, his writing, and his book, RAVINOR, which you can find on Amazon. (Read about the SPFBO here.)IMG_6591

So, first we need to exchange the secret History major handshake. Did you have a specific area of study?

Shh! Don’t give them any hints! We will exchange the rest of the ritualized greeting via our Enigma machines…

My thesis focused on medieval Japan, but I really find most time periods and world regions to be very interesting: Ancient Rome, the Golden Horde, Tsarist Russia, the World Wars, to name a few of my favorites.

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Countdown to Release: Blurb

I’m launching a series of posts that will lead up to the eventual release of The Hills of Home. Today, we have the blurb for the back of the book. It’s not new, in fact you can find it elsewhere on this site, but I quite like it and I think it’s a fine introduction to the book.

Beware! If you haven’t read The Blood-Tainted Winter, this and other posts in the series may prove to be slightly spoiler-ish in nature. You’ve been warned. But there’s a really simple way to solve that problem and I think you know what that is….

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