How I Spent My Friday Afternoon

I just spent an hour and a half on the floor of Waterstones hunched over a heavy, 608 page book. Well, first I tried to sit on a tiny, uncomfortable window seat (possibly not actually meant for sitting on), but the floor soon seemed like a better idea. I strained my neck. I got a paper-cut.* My foot fell asleep and got all tingly. But it was time well-spent.

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My Own Private Midgard

For about 200,000 words, I thought I knew what I was doing.

In regards to the landscape, that is.

My books take place in Norway, or at least a mythic version of Norway.  Perhaps in my books the sky is a little bigger, a little bluer, the mountains taller, the fjords deeper.  The earth, or Midgard, that Raef Skallagrim is a part of, is very much a living, breathing character in my books.  At least that’s how I feel, and I hope my readers will, too.

During the time I spent writing books one and two, I imagined my mythic Norway quite vividly and I was entirely satisfied.  But then I hopped on a plane last August and approximately ten hours later I discovered that I had it all wrong.

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