Why I Love a Little Hand-drawn Tree

Now that The Blood-Tainted Winter is out there (I mean, really, people are reading it.  Maybe at this very moment.) I wanted to share the map created by Swedish illustrator/cartographer Gillis Björk.  I’ve mentioned Gillis before and I still feel very lucky to have found him and to have his artwork gracing the pages of my book.

It’s an incredible feeling to crack open the spine and see it.  It seems to serve as a reminder every time I see it that this actually happened.  This being the fact that I wrote a book and it’s published for the whole world to read.  Something about the map makes all of this very real.

No more little screen shots, no more sneak peeks.

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My Own Private Midgard

For about 200,000 words, I thought I knew what I was doing.

In regards to the landscape, that is.

My books take place in Norway, or at least a mythic version of Norway.  Perhaps in my books the sky is a little bigger, a little bluer, the mountains taller, the fjords deeper.  The earth, or Midgard, that Raef Skallagrim is a part of, is very much a living, breathing character in my books.  At least that’s how I feel, and I hope my readers will, too.

During the time I spent writing books one and two, I imagined my mythic Norway quite vividly and I was entirely satisfied.  But then I hopped on a plane last August and approximately ten hours later I discovered that I had it all wrong.

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