Book 3: Cover Reveal!

I have another gorgeous cover for you. I’ll be honest, this one was difficult. How do you express the culmination of an epic Norse saga in a single image?

Lucky for me, the fine people at Damonza have their ducks in a row. Though it took some trial and error, in the end we got the result I was looking for without knowing what I was looking for.

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Update: The Hills of Home

I received initial designs for cover art for The Hills of Home yesterday and things are looking really, really good.

I got the email while checking on some tickets at the Garrick and had to hold an impromptu huddle on the sidewalk with my friend, and even there, under the bright glare of the sun, within the confines of a phone screen, I was impressed. AND EXCITED.

No sneak peeks, yet, but I promise you’ll get a teaser soon.

It won’t be long before we’re counting down to pre-order and then release!

So that happened.

I finished.

In the past hour, I wrapped up my manuscript for Book Three.

It’s pretty surreal.  I stopped typing and wondered if that was actually the end–even though I knew it was.  The voice inside my head was literally saying, “Is that it?  Is it?  Is it, really?  Really?”

This is an awfully subdued way to make this announcement.  Let’s try again.


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